Refer Customers to X-Wireless and earn 50% of the profit for every Sales we make via your Referral

Become a Trusted Affiliate Partner by referring new Business prospect to us and earn unlimited stream of income.
***A great alternate source of Income***

How Does it Work?

1. Apply for the X-Wireless Affiliate Partner Program
2. An approval proceed will follow after you submit your application and an email sent to you. This usually takes about 2 Business days.
3. You will be provided with a referral link that you should share with your prospective customer via your marketing channels.
4. Your prospective customer will be redirected to once they click on the link.
5. Whenever the referred customer makes a purchase, you will receive 5% of the total payment made.

The Affiliate Program Rules

1. You cannot refer yourself
2. You cannot refer existing X-Wireless Customers.
3. You are banned from bidding on branded terms such as ‘X-Wireless, ‘xwireless’ – or any obvious variations – in Google AdWords or adCenter.
4. Spam SMS or email is prohibited as method of promotion.
on the link.

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