Enterprise Class SMS Platform With Mobile App, SMPP & HTTP APIs

The X-Wireless SMS Messaging Platform offers the most powerful tools to help you create highly effective communications with your customers. You can send Bulk SMS or Transaction SMS with ease via our web platform, Mobile app, SMPP or HTTP APIs and be sure of the highest delivery Possible.

Our integrated application is bundled with tools to help you make the most out of your SMS Communications


Intuitive Web Platform with all the Tools you need to Succeed – With Coverage of over 900 Networks
in over 200 Countries, We have got you covered

Frequently Asked

The cost of Sending SMS on our platform is determined by three key factors as follows

1. The cost per SMS is determined by the Rate Plan for the credit purchased. You can view rate plans via link below

2. The country and network you are sending sms to.

3. The route you are using to send your SMS messages. In other words the type of sms you are sending e.g Normal SMS or Transation SMS

We offer only prepaid option for our SMS Service. You can purchase credits online via Credit /Debit card or via Bank Deposit/electronic funds transfer.  If you opt to pay via Bank Deposit/electronic funds transfer, our bank details will be available when you are logged in to your cportal account (https://xwireless.net/cportal) and select Bank Deposit/Transfer

Yes you can Schedule your SMS messages to be sent at a later date and time

​Yes, you can cancel your scheduled SMS messages. Simply log in to mportal, Navigate to “SMS MT” –> “My Schedule” then click Delete under action

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