Error Codes

ErrorCode Error Message
0 Success (it means message is successfully submitted and you can check message parameter response to check message id and parts)
001 Account details cannot be blank
002 Username or password cannot be blank
003 SenderId cannot be blank
004 Message cannot be blank
005 Message properties cannot be blank
006 ServerError#Error message
007 Invalid username or password
008 Account inactive
009 Account lock
010 Unauthorized API access
011 Unauthorized IP address
012 Message length violation
013 Invalid mobile numbers
014 Account locked due to spam message contact support
015 Invalid SednerId
016 Transactional account not active
017 Invalid groupid
018 Cannot send multi message to group
019 Invalid schedule date
020 Message or mobile number cannot be blank
021 Insufficient credits
022 Invalid jobid
023 Parameter missing
024 Invalid template or template mismatch
025 can not be blank or empty
026 Invalid date range
027 Already exist.
028 Can not be found.
029 Duplicate
030 Account expired
031 No gateway is assigned
032 Parent group doesn't exist
033 Queue Connection Closed
034 Unable to create campaign at this time please try again later.
038 Spam Message.
040 Error While Publishing DLR.
041 Report Not Found.
101 Message failed due to loss protection.
801 Country Undefined.
802 Invalid Country.
803 Message failed due to undefined price for gateway/user.
804 Message failed due to loss protection.
805 Message failed due to undefined route.

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