Push DLR

If Http Web push DLR option is enabled, you can configure a webhook URL to receive a copy of DLR in real-time. In case remote web server is not available during the transaction, DLR will be discarded. Default timeout for webhook request is 10 seconds. You have to make sure that your WebHook URL is efficient enough to respond 200 OK within 10 seconds of request.

Push DLR Parameters :

Each request done to your push URL will contain the following parameters:{doneDate}&submitDate={submitDate}&errorCode={errorCode}&shortMessage={shortMessage}&status={status}&messageId={messageId}&mobile={mobile}

Parameter Name Description Type
messageId Message Id of message. String
mobile Mobile Number of the the message String
submitDate Submit Date of Message String
doneDate Done Date of Message String
Status Current status of the message string
errorCode Error Code String
shortMessage Message text

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