bulk sms service

DND SMS Delivery For Everyone

Get Guaranteed Bulk SMS Service Delivery irrespective of your recipients DND Status

       The Naija DND Free Route

The Naija DND Free Route allows Organizations and Businesses to send Messages and have them delivered to DND Numbers without going through the Tedious Registration Procedures Required for Finance and Corporate Routes.

When you send messages via the Naija DND Free Route, Non DND Numbers will receive the messages via your Custom Sender ID but Numbers in our DND Database will receive your message with a dynamic numeric sender ID (Random Mobile Number). This will ensure that all messages sent, reach the recipients irrespective of their DND Status.

In the case where A recipient DND Number is not in our Database, then the units for the same will not be deducted and the Mobile number will be added to our DND Database within 24 Hours, so the next time you send messages, the number will receive SMS.

There are No Special/High Prices for this services, You only Pay what you Pay for Regular SMS.

How To Apply

To Start Using This Bulk SMS Service, You will need to Feel the Application form and attach Document as Follows

1. Copy of Company CAC Certificate (BVN Verification may be accepted in place of CAC Certificate for Some Clients)
2. Valid ID (International Passport, Drivers License or National ID),


Important Notes!

1. Unsolicited SMS are strictly prohibited on the Naija DND Free Route. Your account will be blocked if used to send unsolicited SMS and all credits in account forfeited. Please use the Regular/Marketing Route for your Promotional/Unsolicited Messages.

2. Closed Message: All SMS will be approved by Admin for all the Naija DND Free Route Accounts. You are required to send your SMS templates for approval before you will be able to use them to send traffic. Approval usually takes less than 24 hours.

3. Zero Tolerance to Fraudulent Messages!

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