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X-Wireless Bulk SMS Nigeria Service

Connect With Your Clients in the Most Effective Manner

The X-Wireless Messaging Platform allows you to Connect with your clients in the Most Convenient and effective manner. Whether you have your Own application and want to send Messages via API/SMPP or you simply want to send your Bulk SMS Nigeria with a Simple Web interface, We have a Solution for you…


Restful API for faster workflow

We provided the most flexible and seamless Application Programming interface (API) to Power your Applications with messaging Functionality

X-Wireless Bulk SMS Nigeria / Messaging Hub

Loaded with Features you would Love


  • Web Application. No software required. Simple process: Login » Compose » Send...No Setup fees....
  • SMS from Excel - Send customized messages to different mobile recipients at a time
  • Send Flash & Unicode Messages
  • Send messages with your company/brand/product name as Sender ID
  • SIM Hosting with MO Interface and Call Back URL
  • You can Import Contacts and Manage your Contacts via the Group Feature
  • Send Flash & Unicode Messages
  • Schedule your SMS Campaigns for future delivery. Cancel Scheduled Messages any time
  • View and download detailed delivery report with reliable reporting from operator
  • Create and save messages in Templates
  • DND Delivery Option (OTP SMS or Naija DND Free Route)

Frequently Asked


To Purchase Bulk SMS Nigeria online on X-Wireless, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your
  2. Click on the Make Payment available in the left Menu.
  3. This will take you to the Order Page
  4. Type in the amount you wish to pay and select your Payment method.
  5. Click on Proceed and complete the payment process
  6. The credits will be added to your account  as soon as your payment is verified by Accounts & Billing. This usually takes a few minutes.

I get Delivery Report ‘Do Not Disturb’ when I send SMS to My Mobile Contacts and same SMS do not get delivered. How can I send messages to all the numbers, including the ones in DND category?

By default, users are setup on the Marketing Route. For most Countries, Marketing Route cannot deliver SMS to numbers registered in the DND registry.

If delivery to DND number is important for you, then the way to go is to take advantage of our “Naija DND Free Route”  offering or Contact Customer Service for other options.

The Cost of sending Bulk  SMS on our platform depends on the Quantity of SMS you have purchased, the destination you are sending SMS to, the type of SMS you are sending (Marketing or Transaction) and the number of pages you are sending.

The cost of SMS as per destination and type can be found on our website pricing page

A standard SMS Message consists of 160 character. If your SMS message exceeds the 160 characters, this message will count as 2 or more SMS depending on the length of the message and you will be charged accordingly. Special characters such as ~, ^, {, }, [, ], |, will be counted as two characters.

Our platform allows you to send Concatenated/Long Bulk SMS up to 1224 characters. In this scenario, SMS length is calculated for 153 characters as 7 characters are used to concatenate the message when it is delivered to the handset.

Yes you can. You can receive SMS via your Inbox. Receiving SMS comes at a Monthly fee for both Shared and dedicated Long Code. See details on out Sim Hosting page

Once you are in the Compose SMS page, Select your sender ID, add your contact and message then Click the  Schedule checkbox

Input date and time you want your SMS to be delivered and then click “SCHEDULE”. 

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Nigeria DND Route: Deliver Mission Critical Messages To Your Clients Without The Fear Of Delivery Failure Due To Operator DND Firewall

The X-Wireless Nigeria DND Route enables Organizations and Businesses to send SOLICITED Messages to their clients mobile Contacts, including those with DND enabled and achive very high delivery success, without going through the Tedious Registration Procedures Required for the Finance/Transactional Route.

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