Excel Dynamic SMS

This functionality goes beyond standard SMS capabilities, allowing businesses to create personalized and interactive messages that adapt to recipient data.

Sim Hosting (SMS MO)

X-Wireless Sim Hosting allows you to Receive SMS from your customers via our Web Interface or via HTTP Callback URL to your Application

SMS Messaging (SMS MT)

Connect with new and old customers with Bulk SMS and Transactional SMS. Send SMS via our Intuitive Web Interface, Mobile App, HTTP API & SMPP

Nigeria DND Route

Designed for OTP and Mission Critical Communications for clients who are not eligible for Bank Traffic SMS. Sender ID is Numeric

Nigeria DND Route: Deliver Mission Critical Messages To Your Clients Without The Fear Of Delivery Failure Due To Operator DND Firewall

The X-Wireless Nigeria DND Route enables Organizations and Businesses to send SOLICITED Messages to their clients mobile Contacts, including those with DND enabled and achive very high delivery success, without going through the Tedious Registration Procedures Required for the Finance/Transactional Route.

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